Sales and Warranty Terms and Conditions

Over the last 20 years, Palmako AS has produced over half a million wooden houses. In Palmako’s production, only the latest technology is used to make no compromises on quality and to make sure that nature and its resources are handled in the best possible way. Palmako places a 5-year warranty on Palmako’s wooden buildings and a 2-year warranty on Palmako’s playgrounds and swings for your complete peace of mind. Impregnated products have different warranty terms according to different hazard classes – from 5 to 25 years.

Imprest Premium range posts are marked with nails for tracing – each post has a metal tag showing the Imprest logo and year of the post’s production. That way it is possible to keep track of the lifetime and origin of the post. Using nails is the most effective way to do so since the metal survives weather damage and the origin of the post can be traced for years.

Palmako AS products are manufactured in accordance with high-quality norms. Parts have been carefully inspected and packed. In order to avoid possible problems, it is recommended that you inspect the delivery for its completeness in accordance with the list of parts before assembly. This inspection must be carried out within 14 days after delivery. Warranty claims are limited to the exchange of defective parts. Defective parts, which have been used or treated, are excluded from being replaced. All further claims are excluded! In the case of complaints, please pay attention to the following procedures: please present the inspection certificate along with the sales receipt to your place of purchase. Only in cases where these documents are presented will the complaint be dealt with quickly and without complications.

Please be sure to keep the packaging and accompanying documents of the product!

Keep the product and packaging in a dry place, but not in direct contact with the ground, protected from weather conditions. To protect the wooden products, you must immediately treat them with a wood preservative and provide regular maintenance.


There may be errors and technical differences in the data and files displayed on this website.

During installation you must always follow the product specific installation instructions that come with the product!


Warranty events

  • design defects
  • missing components
  • the use of materials not in compliance with the applicable quality requirements as well as all other defects in the product that would result in the lack of conformity of the product with the contract.

The warranty does not cover

  • peculiarities of wood as a natural material
  • wooden details already painted (processed with a wood preservative)
  • wooden details containing whole branches that do not endanger the stability of the product
  • colour tone variations caused by wood structure differences that do not influence wood lifetime
  • wooden details containing (caused by drying) small cracks/gaps that do not pass through and do not influence the structure of the product
  • twisted wooden details if they can nevertheless be installed
  • roof and floor boards that may have on their concealed surfaces some non-planed areas, colour differences and waning
  • complaints resulting from an incompetent manner of installation of the product
  • defects of the product caused by the wrongful handling or use of the product, its components or materials or the failure to comply with the requirements for storage and maintenance of the product by the buyer
  • complaints caused by introducing self-initiative changes to the product
  • defects of the product caused by humans, animals or forces of nature, natural disasters or other events having catastrophic consequences

The complaints covered by the warranty are satisfied to the extent of replacing the deficient/faulty material. All other demands will be excluded!