Maintenance & Treatment

Wood is a natural material, growing and adapting depending on weather conditions. Large and small cracks, colour tone differences and changes, as well as a changing structure of wood are not errors, but a result of wood growing and a peculiarity of wood as a natural material. 

Unprocessed wood (except for foundation joists) becomes greyish after having been left untouched for a while, can turn blue and become mouldy. To protect the wooden details of your product, you must immediately process them with a wood preservative or use the product treatment service that Palmako gladly offers. Read more.

It is recommended that you cover the floor boards in advance with a colourless wood impregnation agent, especially the bottom sides of the boards, to which you will no longer have access when the house is assembled. Only this will prevent moisture penetration. 

It is also recommended that you process the doors and windows as well with a wood impregnation agent, and do that namely both inside and outside! Otherwise the doors and windows can become twisted. 

After the product assembly is completed, a weather protection paint that will protect wood from moisture and UV radiation is recommended for the conclusive finishing.

When painting, use high quality tools and paints, follow the paint application manual and manufacturer’s safety and usage instructions. Never paint a surface in strong sunlight or rainy weather. Consult a specialist regarding paints suitable for unprocessed softwood and follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions. 

Having been properly painted, your product’s lifetime will increase substantially. Palmako recommends that you inspect the house thoroughly once every six months.

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