Palmako Connect concept

People have various needs and visions of how their garden should look like and which products help them feel joyful in it. We have a brand new product concept that helps to fulfill these needs. We have created a Palmako Connect product series with many possibilities to please every single person who won’t find a product among our selection and has a strong vision in his or her head of what the wished product should be.

One can combine with our main products – Bianca 8,3 m2, Bianca 16,6 m2 and Bianca 24,9 m2 – different items which result in endless product sets. All you have to do is pick out the items you would like to combine, assemble them together and enjoy the result!

If you do not want to combine the product yourself then let us help you – we have put together various sets with the internal area of 8,3 m2, 16,6 m2 and 24,9 m2 to show you that the possibilities of creating as well as simple and complex sets is really easy. All you need to think of is what are the functions of the building you are going to create for yourself and choose the needed items.