Combine yourself a product

If you did not find a suitable Palmako Connect Set for your garden, do not worry, our concept has been built up in a way that all components can be combined with each other. That means the set building opportunities do not end with our proposed sets but have wide and endless combinations.

Palmako Connect main products – Bianca 8,3 m2, Bianca 16,6 m2 and Bianca 24,9 m2 can be combined with many different Palmako Connect components as well as with suitable optional products from our product range. By any questions please feel free to ask from our sales team.

Bianca 8,3 m2


Bianca 16,6 m2


Bianca 24,9 m2


Palmako Connect components

Get familiar with the Palmako Connect components to complement the main products. There are no rules how many pieces one should add or use. The only thing that matters is your vision of the building you want to have in your garden, ie what are the functions, where are the entrances or doors and windows, which walls are closed, are there any open areas etc.

Extra roof with two posts 8,3 m2 Full wall Apex Half-wall corner Fence Sliding door Sectional door 28mm floor (indoor) 28mm floor (outdoor/as terrace)
28mm windows 28mm doors Roofing felt (underlayer) Shingles (black, red, green, brown) Roofing nails Rain gutters

Give your Bianca the last touch and make it unique by completing it with our optional products.

We offer wide selection of 28 mm doors and windows, roofing felt (as underlayer), shingles in four colours, roofing nails and rain gutters.