Logistics Solutions


Besides product development and high-quality manufacture, Palmako AS takes care of the whole logistics chain, from factories to markets, having the best coverage for focus markets: Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Scandinavia, Belgium, Spain, Finland and Estonia. The best coverage means that Palmako is able to arrange home deliveries on behalf of its customers. The rest of Europe is covered either by road or container transport, in some cases even by break-bulk shipping. Overseas destinations are covered mainly by container transport up to the agreed port or container terminal. Annually, Palmako loads in total nearly 400 containers, over 3000 trucks, ships out over 30,000 tons and arranges around 5,000 home deliveries, including adhoc solutions for exhibitions, inhouse shows, sample yards, sales campaigns, etc. Palmako takes care of customs formalities on their end and provides the necessary paperwork for the destination.

Garden timber

Palmako delivers more than timber. The assortment of Palmako garden products is wide and Palmako delivers from the factory directly to central warehouses, shops or timber yards. Combining orders from several customers and markets enables Palmako to transport timber efficiently as well as regularly. The peak sales period of garden timber is spring and summer, but Palmako delivers all year round. Often trucks make many stops based on pre-planned trips and time-slot appointments with customers. Palmako is doing its best to deliver timber when you expect it.

Palmako also has local stock in Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Great Britain and Spain in order to keep required lead times for fast moving products. Palmako thinks it equally important when timber needs to be delivered to dedicated logistics centres or private homes (B2C). Local delivery partners assist our customers’ customers with last mile deliveries, including trucks with a mobile fork-lift or trucks with a crane, depending on the market.

Given that the product is available in Palmako’s plant stock, it’s a matter of 1-3 working days to Scandinavia, 4-6 working days to Central Europe and 6-8 working days for longer distances in Europe. Local home delivery takes approximately two weeks, provided that the product is in local stock. If not, it is transported from Estonia to the stockyard. Smaller items, such as additional articles, samples as well as spare parts, are shipped out with traceable transport.