Bringing Joy to the Garden

The garden – our connection with nature

We live our lives at crazy speeds amid droves of people, and every day we become increasingly more alienated from nature. Going outdoors takes time and money, and is an all around taxing experience. However, our ancient selves don’t want to stop smelling the grass in the morning or seeing the light of the setting sun through tree branches. When we go back to the past along this line of heritage, we quickly reach our predecessors, who were peasants, cattle breeders or hunters. Urbanisation is a new phenomenon in human history. A garden is often our last direct point of contact with nature, a reminder of the unity our predecessors felt with the surrounding environment. This feeling is deeply rooted in our subconscious and it makes the existence of a garden and time spent there so important for us.

Bringing Joy to the Garden

We all strive to achieve ever-greater quality of life. Constantly juggling mountains of work and the need to spend time with our family forces us to look for balance between home and office, between reaping and sowing. It motivates us to emphasize our presence.

Our restless spirit and modern life force us out of our comfort zone – searching for greater value in life through social interaction and self-realization. 

Palmako doesn’t build an artificial world with fake emotion and fake people. In the shape of the garden, Palmako extends quality living space, making it a special place in people’s lives. Somewhere they live their real lives. A life which has meaning. Which is filled with quality time spent together, which we share with those closest to us. Somewhere we experience special moments.

Palmako doen't just make garden houses. The company doesn't restrict itself to comprehensive garden solutions, either.

Palmako brings joy to the garden.

The many dimensions to garden life

The special moments in our lives are different and the roles gardens play in our lives are also different. A garden can be a place of relaxation where you hide from the world. Or it can be a meeting place where you discuss life with your loved ones. A garden can be the place where you devote yourself to your hobbies.

A beautiful garden can be our best feature for impressing neighbours and passers-by. It can also be a practical place for growing organic fruit and vegetables for our own use. We believe that quality time has many angles and colours, like an eventful life. We do not make decisions for garden owners; we simply do our best to turn their gardens into special places where moments are inspiring and different, just like people. The more varied our garden is, the more joy it brings us.

Timeless garden wood

We have used wood to build our houses and gardens since ancient times, and it has accompanied us throughout the centuries of our development. Every piece of wood has its own character and soul. Wood is warm and beautiful and we understand its life cycle. Like us, trees move in a circle of life, growing and living in the time given to them.

The constantly repeating cycle makes wood a renewable resource, and using resources responsibly is increasingly more important in the context of growing environmental problems. Wood produced through correct and fair management is undoubtedly one of the best choices of our time. Wood is timeless – ancient and familiar on the one hand, and a building material with a clear future on the other.