Roofing material & Rain Gutters

To keep your house well protected from the weather, Palmako offers you different types of roof covering materials - roofing felt (suitable as an underlayer), SBS roofing material, shingles or EPDM. The second one, SBS roofing material can be attached in a single layer, but it would be temporary solution and will not last as long as attached in multiple layers. It can be welded on the preplaced bottom layer of roof cladding with a gas burner. Attention! For wooden houses please follow the safety requirements, and if possible, please let it be welded by professional roofers. The last, EPDM, is perfect for flat-roof models. Palmako offers shingles in four different colours as follows - black, red, green or brown. You can buy roof covering material in full rolls/packs/ready-cut pieces.