About Additional Windows & Doors

Majority of our cabins and buildings are designed in a way, that one can easily amend it with additional door(s) and window(s) in addition to the existing ones. So far Palmako offered limited range of additional doors and windows. As of 2021 we offer full range of doors and windows suitable to our buildings. For example our cozy and classical cabin Sally 14x12 ft has just one double window in original set. If one wishes a more lightful cabin, it can be easily amended by exactly same type of additional window (Art. No. 103502).

Read more about different types of doors and windows!


If the house has treatment options, one also can order additional door(s) and window(s) with the same treatment. As article number on the website is given as natural wood (NO treatment), please consult about treatment with our sales team or representative.

Handle&lock kit

With standard doors Palmako provides door handle, cylinder lock and lock cover kit. 
Shall one need to change the existing door handle and lock cover kit or just needs one extra, we are more than glad to deliver.

Plywood doors

If you have built a garden house, shed or have in your garden some other ancillary building that needs a good and proper door in front of it then please get familiar with our plywood doors.

We have added to our windows and doors selection single and double doors made of plywood. With or without glass, just as you like the best.


  • Jamb: pine
  • Laminated finger jointed frame
  • Red wood plywood 3/16"
  • Cladding 1/2"x4-1/2"
  • Rubber seals
  • Hardwood threshold
  • Hinges (3x)