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Ella 6,9 m²

Article number: FR28-2632 Area: 74.3 sqf Gross Ground Area: 77.5 sqf

Treatment options

  • Natural untreated wood
    Art. nr: 101453
  • Brown dipped
    Art. nr: 101454
  • White dipped
    Art. nr: 101455
  • Grey dipped
    Art. nr: 101456
Wall thickness 1-1/8″
Wall measurements 94″x118″
Log measurements 102″x126″
Total height 84″
Area 74.3 sqf
Volume 500.1 cu ft
Roof overhang 8″
Roof area / Roof gradient ° 93.6 sqf /2.2°
Roof board 3/4″
Floor boards -
Door, opening measurements 59-7/16″x68-7/8″
Single real glass  
Type door/window Garden
Pack size 177″x47″x20″
Pack weight 1177 lbs