The Door Quality of Martin, Olaf and Kalle Sheds

Contemporary-style buildings including Martin, Olaf and Kalle sheds have ready-made wall elements covered with wind and moisture protection plastic inside, making these houses extremly weatherproof. A model contains a set of wall and window-door elements, which can be rearranged in several ways. Simple construction allows for fast and easy assembly.

These models have also 32 mm EPS (Expanded polystyrene) insulated doors, which makes them especially rain and wind resistant.

  1. HDF 3 mm
  2. EPS 50 - 32 mm insulation
  3. Wooden cladding 12x114 mm
  4. Wooden skeleton 32x40 mm
  5. Wooden laminated frame 44x90 mm
  6. Hard wood 28x78 mm threshold
  7. Metal kick plate 0.5 mm covered with black pural matt coating
  8. Hinge 115x84x3 mm (3x)
  9. 2018 lock and lock box