Garden houses can be used for a variety of purposes, for example as an additional room where one can withdraw from the hustle and bustle of life either for relaxation or for work; as a place to gather with family and friends to spend a pleasant evening; as an extra space or a store room for garden tools, lawnmower or bicycle. The house is extremely easy to install, so setting it up can become an enjoyable weekend among family or friends for those who are not afraid to hold a hammer.

Square log garden houses have wall thicknesses of 3/4" - 2-3/4"; prefabricated houses have wall thicknesses of 1/2" - 5/8". Wood is known as a sturdy, natural building material and renewable resource. It has a great impact on the atmosphere inside the house and especially on the moisture balance plus it is an excellent noise absorbing material. Each log home has its own personality due to its natural origin. Practical experience shows that people feel good in a house where a lot of wood has been used in the construction. Wooden houses are highly valued because of their cosy, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Wood is also a really energy efficient building material. Solid log construction has a natural ability to retain heat and transmit it inside the entire house. Compared to a house with a brick or concrete block wall structure, a log house uses free solar energy to heat the house. In early spring and autumn, when the sun shines low, a wall made from logs is heated and during the night this heat is transferred slowly into the interior of the house, thereby helping to save on heating costs. In summer, when the sun shines higher, wide roof overhangs cover the sun, thereby avoiding warming of the walls. A correctly designed log house also stores the night time coolness of the wall, and in the process, preserves a pleasant temperature on hot summer days.

Take notice of the quality of doors and windows: many of the houses of Palmako have practical door sills – low and covered with metal. Windows opening to the inside use mostly the turn-tilt system and higher quality doors and windows have double glazing. The houses also have rubber seals and metal rain gutters.

The garden house catalogue models of Palmako AS are in stock all the year round in order to provide fast deliveries. In addition to standard products, Palmako can offer large-volume orders, client models and FSC-timber products. Many additional products in addition to houses are offered, e.g. roofing material, terraces, window shutters, flower boxes, etc.

A suitable house for every purpose can be found from the range of Palmako. When deciding, take the purpose of the house as a basis; select the suitable ground plan and design. Wall thickness has been already designed according to house size and purpose. Palmako has kept in mind above all the maximum comfort of use and functionality, not the lowest price.
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