Unified Floors

To meet the specific market demands some of our cabins are sold without a floor. Although in majority cases floor can be purchased as an optional extra. As of 2021 Palmako starts to offer unified floor kits in such a cases.

An unified floor kit contains of:

  • 19x89x2350 mm double and tenoned needed number of floorboards
  • 45x70x3000 mm brown dipped (BNDIP) needed number of foundation beams
  • 19x19x2350 mm skirting boards
  • 19x19 mm door strip according to the width of the door opening (in two sizes - for a single door and a double door) and the wall thickness.

Due to the different size of cabins and measurements of the floors, please consider below described principle in general in cutting floorboards into the exact measure.

Double end tenoned floor board Double end tenoned floor boards Double end tenoned floor boards Brown dipped foundation beams, 45x70 mm Double end tenoned floor boards

Specific floor kits

As some of our floors as an optional extra are very specific, treated (Tiago houses) or cut into angle (Betty pergolas), then product specific floor kits are still available for Betty, Tiago and Stella houses.