A Fence

when you need privacy

Everything starts from a fence, which determines the private space and contributes to the feeling of safety. It hides a space that is ideal for quiet resting from everyday stress and committing oneself to the loved ones. A fence is the simplest product of Palmako Modular Garden™, while at the same time an inherent basis of the entire range. Fence panels are available in different sizes and design solutions.

If you plan to erect a fence, be sure to order suitable fence panels, posts and pole bases. Upon erecting fences it is possible to choose between regular solid wood or glulam posts and attach with different pole bases or to choose longer posts and dig the ends into the ground. The benefit of a glulam timber post is its stability and durability in all weather conditions – a post made from glulam timber does not expand, shrink or twist. The appearance of unaesthetic longitudinal fissures caused by shrinking or expanding is also avoided. The selection of posts and fastening stands is detailed in divisions “Posts and pole bases”.


The below fence consists of different Adele design panels and 2 lengths of posts.

Installation on the ground

For fastening on a terrace, concrete or stone surface use a post leg rectangular plate or post leg C-type.

Installation in the ground

If you would like to install the post in the ground, a post leg with pile can be used. It is also possible to sink the post into the ground and to reinforce it with concrete.  When digging in the ground it should be considered that a minimum of 1/3 of the post must be in the ground and that it is more difficult to adjust the height of the post installed in the ground. When digging the psot in the ground, it should be considered that moisture from the soil may damage wood and thus shorten the service life of the post.