About bespoke buildings

For the house of your dreams we use square logs with thickness of 44 and 70 mm and laminated logs with thickness of 88, 114 and 134 mm. Palmako’s expert advisers help you put your ideas into practice. Bespoke house enquiry form can be filled in and sent to Palmako here: Quote request.

House elements data is transferred digitally from the design software to the machinery that prepares the log houses. The machinery can follow the drawings to cut wall beams according to dimensions, tenon them, drill and mill the beam end-groove. This guarantees the precision and quality of details.

The 4-side views and ground plans will be supplied when necessary for acquiring a building permit. Palmako can offer you the complete set of wooden details needed for the construction of the house like doors-windows, stairs, cladding for the walls etc.

With every house detailed specifications and blueprints for installing the house will be supplied. These houses can also be offered with high premium quality doors and windows (starting from 70 mm log thickness). Palmako manufactures houses with max. 1.5 floors, which means that it is not possible to build a full height first floor on the top of ground floor.

The houses are quick and easy to install, all parts have been marked to simplify construction.

To achieve the best possible result, the combination of various parts of the house has to be planned:

  • Foundation
  • Floor
  • Walls
  • Roof
  • Openings
  • Other accessories

Palmako log houses do not include:

  • finishing (impregnation, paint finishing);
  • designing special parts (heating, ventilation, water, sewerage);
  • utility systems (electricity*, piping)

* It is possible to pre-drill holes for the power cable when provided information regarding the location of sockets is already available in the design phase.

Delivery time

the delivery time of Palmako custom designed houses is 5-10 weeks from the date of ordering.


  1. Foundation
  2. Foundation joists 
  3. Wall
  4. Floor board
  5. Log sealant
  6. Hidden pegs
  7. Tender pole
  8. Insulation scantling
  9. Interior cladding
  10. Ceiling beams
  11. Ceiling boarding of the ground floor
  12. Roof ceiling boarding
  13. Rafters
  14. Roofing