Palmako Modular Garden™

Palmako Modular Garden™ is the series of Palmako’s modular fence elements from the panels of which it is possible to build a fence that can be completed by adding large modules with different use purpose. Modules are available with different functions and sizes. The wide range includes products from plant boxes to outdoor kitchen. In such a way, it is possible to turn a 2D fence into a 3D room structure, enabling everyone to create a functional, unique and comfortable garden space that meets their requirements. It is possible to create a complete set, as well as order a fence or modules individually. The modular garden can be constantly improved by obtaining more products to accompany the already purchased, installed solutions.  

By special request from Palmako, the Modular Garden was developed by professional product designers and architects. The aim of the design is to offer simplicity and modularity, functional value that is elegantly enhanced by a modern shape and the possibility to choose a finishing to match one’s own garden and taste. The products of Palmako Modular Garden™ can be assembled according to personal needs and taste and installation of product combinations in the garden is simple and quick – it does not require sawing, gluing or pasting. In manufacturing the Palmako Modular Garden™ products, equipment featuring high technology and high quality Nordic spruce are used. Practical and functional modular garden solutions are a simple way to make a garden more pleasurable.

4 different designs





4 different dimensions

1800x1800 mm

900x1800 mm

1800x1800/900 mm

1800x900 mm


Timber is vulnerable to attack from insects, damp and fungi and needs protection from all of these to extend its service life. Modular Garden products are primed and painted white. We have invested into modern painting technology that enables us to paint our products using flowcoating method and spray chamber method. After painting, the products will dry in a 30 meter long drying chamber, where the whole process of drying can be adjusted and observed.  

Registered Community designs No 003752187-001 – 003752187-020.